1. Q: Does your hourly charge include an engineer?

A:  Yes! An engineer is included as well as the use of the musical instruments available.

2. Q: If I miss my recording session, do I still get my deposit back?

A:  If you call us and cancel your date within 24 hours then you get the deposit back in full. If you miss your appointment without contacting us then you will forfeit the deposit. 

3:  Q: Can I bring friends to my session?

A:  We suggest that you don't bring friends to your session.  It tends to take much longer to get things done since everyone has an opinion on the work and will cost more for you and the studio. Only people involved with your project should come. Use your time wisely.

4. Q:  Can I bring my children to the sessions? 

A: No. Young children are not allowed to the recording sessions. 

5. Q: Do I get any time to set up my band equipment prior to my start time?

A: We allow 30 minutes for you and your band to set up before you go on the clock with your session. 

10. Q: What if I take my music home and I don't care for the sound of the mix on my system? Will the studio help me?

A.:  Of course we will help you. We guarantee our work with the following parameters:  If your sound is just an adjustment in tone or similar, we will adjust the sound to suit you within reason without charge. If it is a performance issue such as you don't like your voice performance, then we will put you on the clock for this kind of fix.

11. Q: Can the studio help me with copyrights for my music?

A:  Yes! We can offer help in getting copyright protection for your songs and lyrics.

12. Q: Can I book a session the same day I call the studio?

A:  If we are not booked with other you are welcome to come record that day.

There will be a fee of $50 for same day service.

13. Q:  Is the studio available for evening sessions?

‚ÄčA:  Yes we record in the evening but is time and a half for sessions passed 10:00 PM.

6. Q:  If I show up late for my session do I get charged for that time?

A: Yes! You will be charged from your scheduled start time even if you are late.  It is important to plan ahead for your sessions. Traffic, weather and unexpected personal delays are important things to consider before you book time. Give yourself plenty of extra time to make sure you will arrive on time without being stressed. You will be glad you did. 

7. Q: What all should I bring to the session to be ready?

A: It is very important you bring everything you might need to your sessions. Strings, lyrics , music, recordings, drumsticks, cables, USB thumb drives, phone numbers of musicians, producers etc...  It is also vital your instruments are in good working order and ready to perform without problems. These type issues can result in having to reschedule your sessions wasting valuable time.

8. Q:  Does the studio provide concessions?

A: The studio provides bottled water, tea, coffee,

along with soda pop when available.  We put out munchies as well, chips ,fruit, cheese and dips kinds of things.

9. Q: Are there any stores and places to eat near the studio?

A:  Yes! There are many various stores and eateries close by the studio.